The Pixmac Revolution continues!

November 23, 2010, Author: simon, Categories: Press releases

It’s been a fun ride so far since we launched in Sept 2008, and we have a new member of the Pixmac family…. so please welcome Pixie!

As Pixie knows,  we’ve  been very busy monkeying around trying to improve what we do. Here are some of the results we’re sure will please you:

1. Better searching.
So saving plenty of your searching time. We’ve improved the search results based on what we know users need, buy and put in lightboxes.    We’re refreshing the data based on what performs better over time. We have a great information base available because  we’re selling multiple sources. This was the most difficult improvement we’ve been working on for a long time. Call us ‘bananas’ but the time has come and we genuinely think we can help you  find the best cost effective content on Pixmac – fast!

2. New collections on site.
Adding to our 11 million images, we’re busy signing up big microstock agencies at Pixmac. Brands like Monkey Business Images; Image Broker; Datacraft; Science Photo Library; Blend Images; Candybox Photo. We’re cherry picking the right sources for you and we’re proud these great creative folk are now with us.

3. Pixmac’s Alexa ranking – beats all time records in US and Worldwide.
Traffic and sales are growing  steadily and we’re becoming a recognised brand in the stock industry. We’ve even beaten traffic levels of Getty’s lately. Howzzat? as they say in cricket, one of Pixie’s favourite sports.

4. We’re introducing seasonal changes.
To show you that we’re always four square behind our site, we’re introducing seasonal facelifts of the page design. We love to check the site every day and we’re sure that you spend hours and hours searching, so we want to show you a bit more fun :-)

And that’s not all!  We’re constantly looking for any suggestions you might have. Please follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook, because you’ll find out what a fair and open company we are.

So please continue to make Pixmac one of your regular ports of call.  You’ll make Pixie very happy….and us too!

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