DNF Style: Professionals in Stock Photography

February 15, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase

DNF Style is a professional studio from Maastricht, a peaceful city of the Netherlands. Recently Vita, the CEO of Pixmac, met Frenk and Danielle in their hometown to see them and talk about possibilities to continually improve the quality of Pixmac product in Netherlands as we’re partners in this country since summer 2009.

Vita: Frenk and his lady Danielle are a nice and happy couple. So I tried to learn more about their way of working and shooting photography. They are currently submitting their portfolio of several thousand images to many agencies including Pixmac.

Frenk and Danielle

What’s your main focus in terms of themes?

We (Frenk and Danielle) are all about people and relations. People of all kinds of colours and sizes and relations of all kinds. From romantic lovers up until bad relationships. From shopping girlfriends up until relaxing seniors.

Where do you search for models and ideas?

Since we have our own commercial studio we meet about 700 clients a year where we can make our pick from. Within a stockshoot the posing models will get every photo we offer to agencies in high resolution. Compared with the cost of buying such volumes we seldom get a no when offering this to a costumer. Also we have our contacts through meetingplaces for models, make-up artists and photographers online.

Vita: Wow, that’s a brilliant idea!

How’s the atmosphere while working with Frenk and Danielle?

Always very relaxed and full of energy and humor. Frenk has one big advantage, namely being hypersensitive. Therefor he is able to see through anyone’s character in a blink of an eye and is able to work on everyone’s own level making sure they are comfortable. Danielle is a champion in preparation. Finding out what works best in people and settings and going for it 200%. From preparation up until the shoot itself, the retouching and the upload process.

Do you prefer exclusivity or not?

No, even though not being exclusive means more work because we upload to 15 agencies we feel that bounding ourselves to one agency exclusively is like betting on the same horse every time. Horses tent to get older and less active so do stock agencies. We have seen too many agencies go under to believe in exclusivity.

Do you enjoy being  Pixmac’s partner?

Not always, we used to have a period in which many of our images were being refused while most other agencies (inclusing the top 4) accepted them. We feel the image reviewing team could consist of better professionals reviewing more technically instead of emotionally. However the contact with Pixmac is warm and understanding and we feel like being among friends. The fact, further more, that Pixmac is working with their own native partners in most countries makes that you can make contact in your own language with people who have the same way of thinking geographically speaking.

Is there anything that we should change/improve at Pixmac?

We believe there is always room for improvement and see that Pixmac is trying to learn as much from their mistakes as possible. What is most important in this is that Pixmac is not afraid to be open towards it’s costumers about their mistakes. This is, to our opinion, the only way to make sure they are formed into a positive thing. Namely learning and improving oneselves. Every negative point has a positive side to it, you only have to be able to see it. We believe Pixmac does. Thus improving themselves every day without denying their roots.

What do you do except stock photography?

We have our own studio in which we shoot about 600 to 800 costumers per year. People with no experience with photography whatsoever with the wish to have some beautiful photos of themselves. Also we have a few business contacts for whom we shoot their commercial needs for magazines and brochures.

Where would you like to spend the rest of your life? With whom?

With whom is obvious, the first letter in DNF-Style is there because of her; Danielle. Where is a very different question. Preferably in a place where the sun is present 363 days a year and two days of snow without the cold during Christmas.

Vita: Thank you for the interview. I really appreciate the honesty. And I’ll do my best to keep Pixmac open and innovative as it always was. There’s no need to build a company that doesn’t bring joy to its partners and employees.

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