Daniel Wiedemann: Brazilian Microstocker

February 16, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase

We’d like to introduce Daniel. A professional contributor selling a great volume of microstock content. Daniel was one of the first people who gave us feedback at Pixmac. Since then we’ve worked closely together and managed the Brazilian version of Pixmac. I’d like to thank Daniel for this possibility to talk about he sees the future.

Are there many microstockers in Brazil and what’s your overall position in the market?
Not that I know of. I might have seen about a handfull, but I’m sure there are more, they just keep a low profile. I’m not sure what position I’m in, but since microstock is not very well known in Brazil, I hope I am somewhere in the top of the list.

What’s your main focus in terms of themes?
Anything I can think of really. I have a studio so I do a lot of people-shots, which is what I like the most. It’s not always the easiest way because you need a model, make-up artists, assistants, etc. There are a lot of people involved and that’s not always an easy thing to manage.

Where do you search for models and ideas?
Models at MixModels is a website I created exactly for that purpose. There you can search for models, make-up artists, hair stylists, image editors, assistants, producers, and of course, photographers. It’s only available in Portuguese so far, but we already have models in other countries as well. As for the ideas, I do a lot of research online to get my brain going. If that doesn’t work, I undertake a brainstorming session with my girlfriend or I just go for a walk to clear my head.

Where do you spend the most of your day?
Definitely in front of my computer. Researching, editing, describing, keywording, uploading, browsing, amongst other stuff.

You told me you’d like to move to Prague. What other cities do you like?
Although I live on a island, in a tropical country, I would love to live in London! I feel at home there. I’m not sure about other cities, but there are not a lot of countries where I wouldn’t live. If I got a chance to live in China, Japan, Thailand, Afghanistan, or anywhere, I’d pack my bags. I just have to finish some things I have pending here, which will probably take a couple of years, then I’ll be off somewhere!

Do you enjoy being a Pixmac’s partner?
Absolutely. It’s great to be a part of a company that grows so rapidly and is well organized with such great management. I’d love to actually meet all the team personally some day soon.

Which stock agencies inspire you?
Besides Pixmac, of course, I think the agencies I like the most are SS and DT. They are good, solid agencies with a very fair approval rating.

Do you prefer exclusivity or not?
No. Never put all your eggs in the same basket. It might work for some, but I don’t think it will work for me. Each agency has a specific customer style, since I don’t shoot only one sort of thing, some things sell well on one agency, and just doesn’t sell on another (and vice-versa).

Where do you live? Do you have some pics?
I currently live in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina – Brazil. I lived in São Paulo, then Rio de Janeiro before I moved to Scotland for 6 years. When I came back I spent 2 years on a cruise ship in the northeast of Brazil where I went to Fernando de Noronha (look it up!) 71 times. Florianópolis is an island in the south of Brazil, with a population of about 450,000. It’s a very touristic city due to is 42 wonderful beaches. It’s also known for having the most beautiful women in the country, so finding models here is breeze.

My favorite beach (well, the view from the rocks)

The Hercilio Luz Bridge (the postcard of Florianopolis)

My friends backyard

Thanks Vita! I hope you enjoyed my answers! :-D

Vita: Thanks to you Dan! Especially for a nice set of images of your island. Now I’m thinking about exchanging your office with ours. Man, the place you live in is gorgeous! As for the visit here in Prague, you’re welcome as anyone here :-)

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