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An Invitation to Sell Your Photos through Pixmac

As you know, Pixmac is a fast-growing international microstock provider. We have a strong reputation for prompt  and fair dealing. With millions of images online already we are looking to increase the size of our collections in order to spread our  range of content even wider.

So, if you love photography and have a load of really cool pics stored up, we invite you to upload them to Pixmac and make yourself some money.

You might be a great hobbyist or a professional photographer – and you just need a high quality digital camera, and a good eye for taking that perfect shot.

By uploading your photos to Pixmac, we can sell them in more than 19 countries, and also through our partner network.

How do I get on board with you?

Your first step is simply to register as a normal user – there is no need to create any special photographic registration. After this you can directly start uploading in the section called ‘uploading’. You can choose from two options: Upload directly from your browser or via an ‘FTP’ link.

FTP is preferable in the long term – as it’s faster and easier. For more information about uploading, please look in our Pixmac Help Section.

Ok – I’ve uploaded some pictures? What now?

You now need to provide heading for locations, and keywords for your images. You can read more about this in our Photographer section. We use a form for adding keywords to each picture. Keywords are in English; further advice on how to go about keywording can be found in our Help Section.

Keyword is quite an art – for newcomers, we always recommend looking at the keywords of similar images to get ideas and inspiration. We also need all relevant model and property release information – you can learn about this in our Help Section as well.  Click here to view the model release form we use.

Once you are happy with all your keywording and model release info, you send the pictures to us for approval. Our editors will check everything is ok, and if so, your images will appear on our website to be sold (at no cost to you).  The process of approval can take several hours to days depending upon the workload of our editors and the amount of imagery submitted.

If we make a deal, what about my commission? How do I get paid?

We emphasise that we are not buying the pictures from you, you still own them and their worldwide copyrights. But what will happen is that  you will receive a commission for each sale of each of your images that we sell on a one-time basis to our customers.

Commissions will be loaded onto your Pixmac account in the form of ‘credits’. When these credits reach 50, you can convert them into money (equivalent to $50). We do this so it saves you having to pay for transaction fees.

We have royalties that are above average the companies of our size and you get even more right after you reach US$200 on royalties.

What themes/topics are most popular with Pixmac’s  customers?

  • People in various situations (families, shopping, working, spa, business settings, sporting activities) Please note: as mentioned above,  photos with recognizable people in them must always be supported by a model release document that we supply.
  • Items of daily use of with solid background (keys, food, gifts, toys, tools,  etc.)
  • Local issues (typically local architecture and street scenes, local dress, customs, food, dancing, transportation, etc.)

What sort of content is harder to get approved by Pixmac?

We get a lot of:

  • Pets
  • Scenery
  • Monuments
  • Unnamed Flowers

We get more of this type of content submitted probably because they are easier to shoot and have less paperwork – so the pictures you send us need to be special in some sort of way to help them stand out from the crowd. We are sure you will understand our reasons for saying this.

What happens if Pixmac turns me down or I decide to withdraw?

We will guarantee to totally delete from our files all your images.  We will respect your proprietary rights 100% at all times.

I’d like to know more

Please feel free to read our recent blog article Microstock Maturity by Pixmac for more background information. Also – take a good hunt around our site – get a feel for what and who we are :)

Extra Help

If you have any questions or need any help you can always e-mail us at

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