Evocative Imagery by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

March 17, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase
Carlos is one of the best artists at DeviantART that I’ve seen there. I’d like introduce him to the professionals in stock photo industry, because I don’t think such talent is found that often in a hobbyist shooter. Carlos is definitely way beyond the ‘hobby level’ in my eyes. So see for yourself how amazing a life story can be!

Tell us more about you…

“Hi, I am Carlos Henrique Reinesch, I am 22 and I am an amateur photographer from Brazil. I started photography on my own and decided to take it more seriously a couple of years ago, and since them my passion for imagery has grown loads and it is still growing. I like to make a varied work, and if you take a closer look at my portfolio, you’ll see that I like to shot everything that I think will make a good image, despite the motives or the subjects.

My favorite genres are Street Photography, in which I believe life can be depicted in its most raw forms, and Conceptual Photography. This last one is very special for me. Conceptual Photography is for me a way to express my thoughts and feelings, as with it I can connect images and ideas and provoke feelings on the observers, and that’s where the magic is for me. I am not saying that the other forms of photography aren’t just like this, but in my conceptual art I find myself displaying the very deeper part of me, my inner thoughts and feelings shown in images.”

You’ve made some pretty bloody impressive imagery, what’s your motivation?

“First of all, thank you for the compliment. It always means a lot to me listening to things like this, because I make my images doing the best and only the best I can do, always. I think this is the main thing  for me, to give the best I can give and to make better images all the time. I am always feeling that I can improve and that I can do it better, and maybe I push myself too hard regarding this. It can be positive, as my willingness to improve never fails to make my images evolve, but sometimes I think I am overwhelmed by my feelings that my imagery are not yet good enough and that I need to try harder in order to move on to the next degree. Sometimes I even think I am being too obsessed to get better and to make my images speak louder.

So, I could say that my motivations, beside to be always improving, are to make people stare at my photographs and not be the same after that. I want to provoke feelings and thoughts on people, and make them think and review their concepts in general after having seen my work, to make them go out of their comfort zone and to cause on them a feeling of uncertainty.”

Where do you search for inspiration?

“I search for inspiration basically in everything. My everyday life is like my lab of ideas, on which I’m an attentive observer of the things that surround me. My mind keeps playing with the meanings and the connections that exist amongst them, or even those that does not exist at all. I like to mix concepts whenever I make my art. I am always creating and giving wings to my imagination all the time, as the “photographer” and “artist” switches inside my brain are now turned on and I am afraid that there is no coming back anymore.

Sometimes, the flow of ideas is enormous, so I have to try to stick only to the best of them; those that I think have the potential to become great images. After having the concept in mind, a whole new process begins. I keep thinking of the ideas sometimes during the day, and they show up unexpectedly in my thoughts whenever I’m doing and whatever I’m doing. This is the maturation of the idea. After having all figured out and planned, I finally go to the execution of it, which is the part in which I have the most fun. Unexpected stuff can come out very often at this point during the photoshootings, and those accidental concepts can be very good too.

When talking about my conceptual and constructed images, I always go out of my home having a specific goal: to make the one image I have in mind that day, and the rest is already a plus. I really do think that if I can make one, just one great image per day is enough. Whenever I am shooting, the storms of ideas come quickly and strong, like a huge wave of creativity. On that cases, I like to stop thinking in what I am doing and start to “shoot like hell”, so that I can make the images at its purest, in its most raw forms. I also like to get inspiration with other art forms, such as paintings (René Magritte is my favorite), music and of course, with other photographers, such as Henri Cartier Bresson, my major inspiration. After all this said, I also can say that I surely do it all with my heart, and with this I hope to have answered your question properly, of where do I get all my inspiration.”

Do you sell images or photography?, what’s your profession?

“I am not a professional photographer, I do photography as a hobby and just because I like to do it. All my images were made because I wanted them to be made, and no one asked or paid for any of them. I have sold just a few images to some people, but not in a formal way. I think it would be fine to sell images, as I would face it as recognition of my work and of course, this way I could pay for more equipment and stuff. Makes me proud to know that someone actually wants to pay for a thing that, as I have just said, I did just because I wanted to, and I did with my heart. I am almost graduating in Engineering, and it has nothing to do with photography obviously.”

Vita: I guess there are people willing to pay for your images. I definitely recommend you to upload to Pixmac or any of our partner agencies as that would be the easiest proof that your ideas make sense to more people.

How did you start with photography?

“I think I had this feeling for photography a while ago, but I didn’t have the opportunity to develop it. Before the digital era, I used to like to take the ordinary family photographs on the holidays in a different way, and for me it was always a joy to have the camera around to take pictures. I believe that photography, amongst other things, is all about practice, and it became easier after my first digital camera, five years ago. Three years ago, I got my first camera phone, and this was the best thing that could ever possibly have happened to my photography.

Having a camera around all the time and being able to shoot wherever and whatever I wanted made me feel powerful, it sounded like I was now a potential image maker and this feeling motivated me to shoot, shoot and shoot. Shooting restlessly and without having concerns about techniques or theories did awake my passion, and it wasn’t enough anymore. A couple of years ago, I had to buy my first dSLR camera, and this is the real beginning of the thing, the time that I decided to take my photography more seriously and not to be just a snap shooter anymore. So, I can say that my real start was after having bought my Nikon D60, this motivated me even more and made me want to learn and to improve my skills as a photographer, and I did that on my own.”

Where and How do you spend your days?

“I have been busy lately with my graduation on college, but I am always shooting whenever I can. On weekends, I like to organize photoshootings with my friends. We get in the car and hit the road to unknown places, seeking for new things and always aiming for the best light of the day, the golden hours (two hours after sunrise and, of course, two hours after sunset). I like to work with natural lighting and I don’t like the urban environment for the conceptual work. This requires planning, and I like to spend a whole day shooting whenever I can and have free time to do it. Besides that, I am also a music lover, and my days are always filled with great music, which is also an inspiration.”

Where you influenced by the stock photo industry?

“No, not at all. Like I said, I have never sold any photos formally, and this whole thing is kind of new to me.”

What features should an ideal agency selling your images have?

“I can’t say much, because I am not yet into it, but I do think that the main thing is to give the artist the deserved recognition and value.”

What is your dream country?

“I love traveling, but there are some countries that fascinate me, and I dream of going to those on photo trips to shoot their culture and stuff. Those countries are Japan, China, France and England. I love Europe and so the oriental cultures. I also think that Africa is nice, not any particular country, but a place to see wildlife and of course, to shoot and to shoot!”

More about Carlos


Vita: Thank you Carlos for such a fresh approach to photography. I guess your future is bright and you should definitely try to offer your imagery to be sold via agencies. My impression, at least, was amazing. The colors and temperature of the imagery tells me that there’s somebody great behind it. Good luck in future from Pixmac!

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