Julien Tromeur – 3D Illustrator and All Round Good Egg

March 24, 2011, Author: simon, Categories: Interview, Tips & tricks, Tutorials

I’d like to introduce Julien Tromeur. He’s one of my favourite illustrators based in Paris. He is new to Pixmac in terms of directly submitting content  and you can see his collection here http://pixm.ac/aaamm.  So we asked him a few questions to see what he is made out of…

How did you end up getting into microstock illustrations and what are the things you like about it?

“I actually worked as a graphic artist and made product design, marketing animations, websites, banners etc… as an employee in quite a few companies (I’ve done it all, from crazy start-ups to the adult websites…).  And I made 3D illustrations for fun at home, cartoon characters mainly. One day I discovered stock photography and thought it was silly to have created all theses characters and not make them available to the world, so I gave this business a try.  What I like about the microstock is that it gives me the freedom to create and experiment, it also allowed me to improve my character animation skills.”

Where do you search for inspiration for your new creations?

No more seriously, everyday life, I like to travel and I’m very curious, inspiration can come from tv, books, people in the street etc… I’m a creative, that’s what we do. :-)  And I sometimes have crazy ideas like a dragon roller-skating, or a frog on a scooter and if it makes me laugh I just do it. People seem to respond well.”

Vector art and illustrations have been a big trend in the marketplace for the last few years…where do you see this market sector heading?

“I see it expanding, of course, more people will have the skills, plus more people will have internet too. We are 7 billion, and more and more people will have access to this revolution. I also see the big rise of 3d models, people will have the general 3D skills and need for more models (like the ones with illustrator files), it’s already a big market.  And video too, it hasn’t exploded yet but soon people will use After effects like Photoshop, finally.”

If you could only take 3 of your illustrations to a desert island – which ones would you take and why?

“One of the frog. One of the dragons. One of the germs.

They all make me smile, I sometimes laugh alone in front of my computer…”

Along with your 3 favourite illustrations you have created  you can also take 3 DVD’s/Films’s to the desert Island – which would you take?

“The pink panther from Blake Edwards.
Lord of the rings.
Les bronzés.”

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people (alive or dead) who would it be?

“Woody Allen.
Blake Edwards.
Jim Henson.”

Simon Note: Nice Trio – now that would be a FUN night!

If you drive – what car do you drive, and if you could have any car you wanted – what would it be?

“I have my drivers license but haven’t touched a wheel in 17 years.
Living in Paris I take the subway or Taxis.”

8.What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

“I pee. Then Emails. Glamorous life eh?”  :)

Simon Note: Peeing while doing e-mails, now that would be impressive. Anyways – thanks Julien for your time and keep up your cool and innovative artwork :)

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