Pixmac Microstock Photography Launches Two New Exclusive Collections

April 1, 2011, Author: simon, Categories: General news, Showcase

We’ve launched two new exclusive collections to the marketplace. The first collection, by well-known illustrator Camxip is a collection of childlike inspired illustrations designed to evoke memories of yesteryear and of the simpler times of early life.

Yesterday, a representative of Camxip, the highly-reclusive illustrator who resides in the mountains in Montana, said that “Camxip decided to release his illustrations into the microstock marketplace, after a fan of his art for many years suggested that they would be useful for commercial work”.  Camxip was unavailable for comment as he spends much of his time tending to his herd of miniature Shetland ponies.

Camxip’s interpretation of modern life through the eyes of a child have been labelled by some as ‘stunning’


The second collection by photographer Roloc, showcases vector illustrations of solid colors. Roloc himself, who resides in San Francisco, told us yesterday from his studio overlooking the bay, “My family has been involved in inventing colors for many years. My Dad was a prominent color illustrator in the 1950s, having worked for the Color Institute at Berkeley, and invented many of the colors we see today”.

This colour, invented by Roloc Senior in 1962 had not existed previously.


We’re hoping both collections sell well for the contributors.

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  1. I’m assuming that this is an April Fool’s joke?

    Nancy de Flon, April 2, 2011 @ 2:39 pm

  2. Hi Nancy – this is no April fool’s joke. We can also supply limited edition prints. best, Camxip

    Camyip, April 8, 2011 @ 5:23 am

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