More than 400 000 vector images at Pixmac!

May 26, 2010, Author: Martin Vlčko, Categories: General news, Press releases

Vector graphic illustration Pixmac offers designers and creatives the ability to purchase Vector images!

The main difference between a vector image and a pixel based graphic like a bitmap or jpg is that a Vector graphic can be resized without the loss of quality, whereas a pixel (bitmap) base graphic will not resize and render the same sharp quality of line and resolution on screen and in print.

Vector images are scalable because they present the elements of shape, line, and color that create an image as a mathematical formula that will build the best possible image as it is enlarged or resized. Vector files are also easier to work with because they are smaller files.

A bitmap or pixel based graphic is made up of small “bits” of color information for the picture. The smaller and closer together these “bits” are the better the image quality but a larger file size is needed to store all of the data. Bitmap graphics have a fixed resolution which means that if a bitmap is resized it will be distorted and the image quality will be poor, not clear, grainy and “pixilated”.

Pixmac vector graphicDesigners appreciate the ease and flexibility of working with Vector graphics especially when working for a client that needs artwork presented in different colors and multiple sizes. The same vector image can be presented in a direct mail postcard or on a billboard and render the same high quality definition and clarity.

If you are searching only for vector images on Pixmac, you can filter them in the Pixmac Power Search.

There is a new checkbox in the Pixmac Form section called “Vector” in Power Search.

You can see a special new line in the price table (under the picture detail) if we have that picture also available in a vector format. Some pictures are available in both formats – jpg or vector.

Pixmac, the picture market, offers an image collection of more than 10 million pictures, Fotolia, Dreamstime, Image Source, Corbis, Image100, Zefa, Moodboard, Somos, InsideOutPix, and Imageshop all on one site!

Pixmac is committed to creating the ultimate microstock buying experience through constant innovation and improved usability. First, Pixmac created the one-stop shopping experience for image buyers by creating the opportunity to purchase an image instantly without pre-registration. Recently, Pixmac introduced the innovative search tool, Visual Similarity. Visual Similarity is the ability to rapidly search millions of images and locate similar images based on image attributes like shape, color, texture, and line instead of tedious and time consuming key word searches.

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  1. So, does Pixmac accept vector files now? Why does the Help section still states “Currently we support only JPG format. We are preparing our system for accepting vector images”?? What format should I submit AI or EPS?

    cacis, August 4, 2010 @ 6:02 pm

  2. [...] Yes [...]

    Pixmac Review, August 27, 2010 @ 1:00 am

  3. Regardless of whether it can be as well as possibly not, all the best . finding out!

    Eldridge Schowalter, February 15, 2011 @ 3:45 am

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