Libre Graphics Meeting for a better World

June 6, 2010, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Design, General news, Usability

Libre Graphics Meeting 2010This meeting was different. Developers making free graphics software as GIMP, Inkscape or Scribus are a special group of people that love what they do. They usually do it for free. Together with people from Adobe, Canon, Opera and W3C it was packed with ideas.

Vitezslav Valka was in Brussels to find out what’s behind the long name Libre Graphics Meeting aka LGM: In short the event was a sum-up of what’s going to happen in future in design/webdesign standards. And it’s going to be a great future!

SVG 1.2 is dead. Let’s focus on 2.0

The most interesting presentation was definitely the panel discussion about SVG where  were discussing why SVG 1.2 is dead and what’s so great on SVG 2.0. My impression was that it’s finally getting in sight of those big brands as Adobe and Canon. Did you know that Canon uses SVG for drawing the on-screen menus in their cameras already? That’s huge! The panel discussion was full of great names like Chris Lilley (W3C), Leonard Rosenthol (Adobe), Doug Schepers at (W3C), Anthony Grasso (Canon), Erik Dahlström (Opera).

If you’re interested in what’s happening, don’t forget to participate at @svgwg or mailing list

Czech Republic was there

What made me personally happy was that developers/designers from Czech & Slovak Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) were there not just in the crowd, but presenting brand new ideas.

Jimmac made thousands of free icons

Jakub Steiner aka Jimmac

Jakub Steiner presenting his thoughts

Jimmac aka Jakub Steiner who made most GNOME icons in the times when nobody knew there’s Open Source is now working for SuSE as he said: “SuSE is like Ubuntu Linux, but with even smaller user community”. Jakub was presenting what he did in F/OSS (Free and Open Source Software) design world. His history with GIMP (the free Photoshop) and OpenOffice (the free Office suite) icons. He has taken part on Inkscape’s SVG functionality and finally he was talking about how hard it is to create an icon suite that will fit to any Open Source software. The suite is called Tango and is the most complete iconset in the open world.

Hairy brush by Lukáš Tvrdý

Another great presentation was about developing brush tool that’s even better than what Photoshop has. Lukas used Krita graphics application for his experiments, but developed a really feature complete tool for drawing, painting and sketching.

Open Source is important

Ton Roosendaal

Ton Roosendaal with new open movie in the oven

You should try software like Blender maintained for years by Ton Roosendaal or Scribus. It’s not perfect, but believe me that it will force you think about what’s possible fore free and sometimes not possible in commercial software. Guys like Andy Fitz (@AndyFitz) already know that.

Andy Fitz

Andy Fitz talking about Creative Commons

Pixmac was a partner of this event and we’re happy to support something like that as we know that the future is not just about making money and increasing revenue instantly. It’s about bringing new ideas. Freedom takes a significant part of the success. Open Source is one of those things making our computer lives better and happier even that you might not know that.

Pixmac was there

Pixmac was there

Libre Graphics Meeting

Pixmac:4.5 stars

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  1. Congratulations to that big event! I have been using and developing open source tools for graphics for almost a year. This event is really cool and I just hope I had the chance to join.

    Mary, June 14, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

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