Interview with Ilona Filipi: Moove Agency

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Moove Agency Tell us a little bit about your agency? Moove Agency has been established in the early 2010 and is almost 3 years old now and have 5 team members. We specialise in design & development of websites that run on the WordPress content management system. We believe that websites should be beautiful in & out so to speak. Just like the Apple philosophy Beautiful on the outside (front-end design), beautiful on the inside (content management system). Where did you study [...] Read more »

Catalin Petolea: Shooting full time while enjoying mountain trips!

Comments (3) October 5, 2011, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Interview, Photographer
How did you started with photography? Somewhere in 2005 I bought a Sony point and shoot and started to play with it. After that I replaced it with a Panasonic FZ20 which had a f/2.8 Leica lens (wow!) still point and shoot but this one was the camera on which I learned most of the technical aspects of photography. After that I realised it’s the moment to get more serious, since it appeared that photography will stick with me for [...] Read more »

Interview with Natalia Lukiyanova – Microstocker from Russia (and no she doesn’t drink Vodka)

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Pixmac000012172375 I’d like to introduce Natalia Lukiyanova from Russia, a fab microstock content producer focusing on illustration.   Tell me a bit about yourself I am 34 years old, I was born and live in Russia. I – a freelancer, I like that it gives you the freedom, you can plan your own work and leisure. I love to travel, yet not visited very many countries, but is still to come:) I love animals of all – from insects to whales [...] Read more »

Interview with Nice Monkey – Microstock Producer and Freelancer from England

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0659bd1 I’d like to introduce Michael Travers from Nice Monkey.  Along with producing fantastic microstock content, is an independent place to get advice on the stock photography and illustration workd, with a regular blog covering software review, latest technology, news about the industry and the lastest goings on of Tell me a bit about yourself. I have worked in the print/design area since leaving school, doing such things as camera operator, past-up, final film planning and finally studio manager. [...] Read more »

Interview with Jo Ann Snover – microstock photographer

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000083859377 We;d like to introduce another of the many photographers who have recently joined Pixmac to offer their content – this time it’s Jo Ann Snover - How long have you worked as a photographer, and how did you decide to start shooting stock photography/microstock photography? I’ve been taking photographs for about 25 years, but did not do it professionally prior to starting as a microstock contributor in 2004. I started submitting to microstock almost by accident following a radio program [...] Read more »

Interview with Ivonne Wierink – Stock photographer from the Netherlands

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000037393511 Can you please introduce yourself to our readers? I am Ivonne Wierink, 57 years, born and living in the Netherlands. For how long time you have worked as a photographer/photo agency, and how did you decide to shoot photography? For the past 4 years, I have been a full time stock-photographer. In 2007 I had a tough  back operation, and was forced to lay on the bed for months. I had plenty enough time to surf on the internet with [...] Read more »

On the Couch with Damian from

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Damian DesignersCouch is one of my favourtite resources for today’s savvy designers. So I interviewed Damian Mandray it’s founder to find out more about the ethos behind the website….. Tell us a bit about yourself, where you are based, and how DesignersCouch came about? I’m a designer from Guyana, lived in Toronto for 5 years and now I’m based in the USA. I’m not based in any specific location, I’m quite nomadic right now travelling around the US looking for my [...] Read more »

Interview with Hugo De Wolf – CEO of Core[pics]

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HUGO Tell me a bit about yourself. I like your name – ‘Hugo de Wolf’ sounds like a 1940′s movie star to me. A ’40′s movie star? Nah. I’d rather spent time behind the camera, than in front of it, although 40′s sounds about right, age wise. An Industrial Design Engineer by experience, and after a side step in New Business Development, I’ve spent the last 5 years as a full time photographer. I’m also a husband and father. I enjoy [...] Read more »

Lisa F. Young: My Love Affair with Microstock Photography

Comments (0) April 25, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase
lisa-f-young Lisa F. Young is one of the well known photographers actively participating in discussion forums.  Her collections around various themes sell well in the marketplace  and we’re delighted to welcome her at Pixmac. We’ve already been discussing a number of topics relating to the microstock marketplace and Lisa now adds some of her thoughts around a few more of my probing questions. Read more »

Chris Spooner – King of SpoonGraphics and Line25

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4118893427_ab0629bd07_z I’d like to introduce Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics and Line25, one of my favourite graphic and web design bloggers… Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended making SpoonGraphics and Line25 so successful? I’m Chris Spooner, a designer who enjoys creating tutorials and articles to help people out on my blogs. As for how I made them successful? I guess it’s just a case of consistently posting topics that students and veteran designer alike would find useful. Combine [...] Read more »