Valentine’s Day inspiration in pictures

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Valentine-hearts-vector-84541584 Get inspired by Valentine’s Day pictures People more pictures of people Roses more pictures of roses Hearts more pictures of hearts Valentine’s Day illustrations (JPG) more illustrations Valentine’s card more Valentine’s cards   Vectors (AI, SVG, EPS) more vectors     Visit and find out more Valentine’s Day pictures. Read more »

Download a Pixmac Summer Wallpaper – Hi Rez, Multiple Formats

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000013765075 Check out Pixmac’s Summer Wallpapers – 5 cool pics to pick from, in 4 sizes. Download your favorite today! “Doggy” - 960×640 iPhone 4, 1024×1024 iPad, 1280×1024 – 4:3, 1920×1200 – 16:10 Read more »

Check out May’s Winner and Entries for’s Pixmac Design Challenge

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Flying_together.sized Check out the winner of May’s’s Pixmac Design Challenge using a selection of Pixmac images: To view all the entries click here To enter the June competition – become a member with our friends at and follow these instructions – you could win a 1 month $199 subscription to Pixmac and a cool T-shirt Good luck and let your creative juices flow ! Read more »

Enhancing Microstock with Photoshop Plugins – the ‘ContrastMaster’

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Pixmac000059125051_ContrastMaster Looking at our second Photoshop plugin from our friends at the Plugin Site – we’ve put together some examples of the ‘ContrastMaster’ at work. It can add some striking definition to already cool images  (images are for illustration purposes only,  are from the Pixmac collection and subject to full copyright (c) from their original owners): Read more »

Lisa F. Young: My Love Affair with Microstock Photography

Comments (0) April 25, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase
lisa-f-young Lisa F. Young is one of the well known photographers actively participating in discussion forums.  Her collections around various themes sell well in the marketplace  and we’re delighted to welcome her at Pixmac. We’ve already been discussing a number of topics relating to the microstock marketplace and Lisa now adds some of her thoughts around a few more of my probing questions. Read more »

Pixmac Microstock Photography Launches Two New Exclusive Collections

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000079363051 We’ve launched two new exclusive collections to the marketplace. The first collection, by well-known illustrator Camxip is a collection of childlike inspired illustrations designed to evoke memories of yesteryear and of the simpler times of early life. Yesterday, a representative of Camxip, the highly-reclusive illustrator who resides in the mountains in Montana, said that “Camxip decided to release his illustrations into the microstock marketplace, after a fan of his art for many years suggested that they would be useful for [...] Read more »

Enhancing Microstock with Photoshop Plugins – the ‘B/W Styler’

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Pixmac000053258131_BWStyler Photoshop ‘Plugins’ can be a cool way to enhace microstock photography. We are showcasing a few from our friends at The PluginSite. There are 5 we are showcasing….. the first is the neat ‘B/W Styler’ Plugin. Images are for illustration purposes only, and are from the Pixmac collection and subject to full copyright (c) from their original owners: Read more »

Evocative Imagery by Carlos Henrique Reinesch

Comments (1) March 17, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Photographer, Showcase
Carlos is one of the best artists at DeviantART that I’ve seen there. I’d like introduce him to the professionals in stock photo industry, because I don’t think such talent is found that often in a hobbyist shooter. Carlos is definitely way beyond the ‘hobby level’ in my eyes. So see for yourself how amazing a life story can be! Tell us more about you… “Hi, I am Carlos Henrique Reinesch, I am 22 and I am an amateur photographer [...] Read more »

Jim Pickerell: From Vietnam to Microstock

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This time I’d like to talk with more than just a skilled professional. Jim Pickerell was in Vietnam as a photographer and that is something I could talk about with Jim for hours. But Jim is also one of the best industry analysts. The wonderful  thing for me is that he’s still searching for information and new approaches in the stock photo business while others just blame the industry for this and that. Big respect to Jim for what he has [...] Read more »

Bob Davies: The Hidden Treasure of Microstock’s Techie Side

Comments (0) March 15, 2011, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Interview, Showcase
Robert is a very smart guy I must say. I’ve met him briefly in Dublin at CEPIC 2010 and it was a nice and inspiring chat. Many times I’ve been thinking about how we can do something together with Pixmac as the power of Bob’s brain should be fully unleashed! I wish teleportation was  invented and we could work in one office with no hassle. Read more »