Pixmac’s New Year’s Eve Photo Selection – have fun everyone!

Comments (0) December 29, 2010, Author: simon, Categories: General news, The 10 most beautiful..., Tips & tricks
We’re looking forward to New Year’s almost as much as you are! Some pics to get you in the mood ! Read more »

How to change the text on the image?

Comments (0) December 21, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Tips & tricks
Some of you asked how to work with text in an image. You choose a wishcard design or businesscard template, where there is some sample text. Of course you may not want it there and you wish to insert your own text instead. How can you do this? All our images are in JPG format – it doesn’t allow to change the text directy through some form for example. You will need a special program for that. One of the [...] Read more »

DPI, Mpix – what do these terms mean?

Comments (0) October 12, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Tips & tricks
We know that some technical terms can be confusing for our users. So here is a detailed explanation of terms you are asking about the most. In the previous article we have introduced two types of graphics in which images are usually published. Today we will talk about raster images only – especially about the terms that are connected with them. As was said before, picture elements are called “pixels“. So we use “megapixel“ (or “Mpix“) as a scale of [...] Read more »

Image formats at Pixmac: what do we offer and how do you work with them?

Comments (1) October 4, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: General news, Showcase, Tips & tricks, Tutorials
There are two standard formats of images: Raster and Vector. Let’s describe them both. Raster graphics consists of picture elements, also called pixels. We can imagine it as a grid of dots, and every dot has its own colour. A basic image can be made by 4 dots only, as you can see in the following image. If the amount of dots is sufficient and they are small enough, our eye percieves them as a continuous image. Such a picture [...] Read more »

Visually influental videos

Comments (0) September 17, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: General news, Tips & tricks
While we were surfing through internet, we came across several videos that are really worth watching. We hope that you will be interested in them as we are at Pixmac! 1) Video with aninteresting idea and also with interesting graphical processing. Entrepreneurs can change the world! Read more »

Open Company Concept: The World becomes open

Comments (12) July 13, 2010, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, Interview, Tips & tricks, Usability
Wikipedia, TED, Open Source software, Creative Commons licensing. All that shows that the virtual world is changing rapidly. The Open Company Concept brings ideas that the Pixmac team was carrying in their minds for a few months. I’m Vitezslav Valka, the CEO of Pixmac. I’ve been interested in Linux and other Open Source software (OSS) since late 90’s. You can feel a special power while using software that was not made to make someone rich. Some people think it’s being [...] Read more »

Pixmac Affiliate program v2.0

Comments (3) April 27, 2010, Author: Martin Vlčko, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, General news, Tips & tricks, Tutorials
The first Pixmac Affiliate program wasn’t as lucrative as we hoped so we decided to re-create our Affiliate program and now we are introducing 2 different Affiliate programs! Something for everyone at Pixmac! Special bonus 2010 “Help us spread the word! Pixmac has an amazing new affiliate program! You will earn $100 for every affiliate you refer to Pixmac that generates $100 profit!” Read more »

Pixmac chooses iSyndica as the exclusive upload platform for pictures

Comments (6) January 6, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, Press releases, Tips & tricks
Since the beginning, all of us at Pixmac have been putting all of our energy into building a great stock photo site. We are bringing new ideas, searching for optimal settings, changing minds and adding features to exceed customer expectations. Here at Pixmac we just love fresh air! Leap forward Now is the time for another leap forward at Pixmac. It might be controversial, but believe us, this is the future of microstock. Let’s get things straight. We’re all here [...] Read more »

One Stop Shopping at Pixmac

Comments (4) August 27, 2009, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: General news, Tips & tricks, Usability
Many of you searching for photos were confused with credits, our virtual currency. Pixmac has solved that now for you. You don’t have to learn what credit is and you even don’t have to register at Pixmac if you need just one picture. Read more »

Helpful tool for photographers

Comments (3) August 17, 2009, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Photographer, Tips & tricks
We are browsing websites all the time to find useful tools that can help our users to work with their images. Recently we have found some applications that can be worth trying – tools for invisible watermarking, searching for those invisible watermarks online and debluring and denoising images. We are in contact with Filip Krolupper – the leader of developers of those applications so we have asked him several questions. Read more »