Coolvibe – Full of inspiration

Comments (0) August 24, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Design, Uncategorized
Do you need inspiration for your designs? Or you just want to see beautiful illustrations? Coolvibe is here for you. Every day it brings many beautiful digital arts from all fields – science fiction, fantasy, retro, 3D, illustration, vector art and even more. All images are big sized, so they can be used as a wallpaper or they can be printed – to fit all your needs. Coolvibe doesn’t have just one supplier – it searches through the whole internet [...] Read more »

10 funniest faces

Comments (0) August 6, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Uncategorized
Do you want to have fun in the middle of the workday? Look at our photographs with the most funny grimaces. If you write your favourite into the coments, you can win 5 free credits for any image from Pixmac. Choose your favourite and don’t forget to show it to your friends! 1. A woman with her tongue Read more »

SoSoJuicy’s introduction

Comments (1) August 2, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Uncategorized
Celebrity news is always one of the hottest searched topics on the internet. Whether it’s for celebrity photos, a recent scandal or a news about a red carpet event… people love their celebrities. There is also no shortage of celebrity and entertainment bloggers. There are hundreds of sites in this space and following all the news in the entertainment industry can be a daunting task. This is where comes into play. SoSoJuicy is a news aggregator exclusively focused on [...] Read more »

Approval process clarification

Comments (8) April 6, 2009, Author: pixmac, Categories: Photographer, Uncategorized, Usability
We were talking with Erik from Imagery Majestic this weekend about questions popping up in communities and forums about the approval process. And we want to be fair and clear about this. For clarification of the issue, read more below. Read more »