Pixmac’s Top 10 Tips for Searching and Finding Photos

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Visual similar search tool Do you search for stock photography on a regular basis or even just on the odd occasion?  Pixmac presents our Top 10 Tips to help you find what you are looking for – fast and on budget, thereby saving money and time. Who couldn’t use more of both? 1. Use ‘Search For Similar Images’ If the stock photography site you are using doesn’t have Visual Similarity Search – ditch it in the garbage! Why use this? It gives you more creative [...] Read more »

Interview with Kai-Uwe Behrmann

Comments (0) August 3, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Design, Interview, Usability
Please, introduce briefly yourself and your projects in. I am one of the OpenICC people, who try to make graphics and especially colour management under Linux more easy. Why did you choose open source software and not the regular one? To work in the open is a challenge as programmer. It is a very good exercise in many programming aspects. People can more easily compare your code with others, comment directly, translate or collaborate otherwise. As well code exchange can [...] Read more »

Interview with Marcos Diaz

Comments (0) July 28, 2010, Author: Lucie Navrátilová, Categories: Interview, Usability
Can you breafly introduce yourself and your projects to our readers? My name is Marcos Diaz, my aka is usually just Markos, and sometimes my friends call me ‘the knowledge junkie’. I born in Spain 25 years ago, I discovered programming  just a few years ago, but I’m a self-taught person and I enjoy learning. In addition, I’m a bit anti-system, so now I’m totally committed with libre knowledge and libre software. In late 2008, I started Nathive project, an [...] Read more »

Open Company Concept: The World becomes open

Comments (12) July 13, 2010, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, Interview, Tips & tricks, Usability
Wikipedia, TED, Open Source software, Creative Commons licensing. All that shows that the virtual world is changing rapidly. The Open Company Concept brings ideas that the Pixmac team was carrying in their minds for a few months. I’m Vitezslav Valka, the CEO of Pixmac. I’ve been interested in Linux and other Open Source software (OSS) since late 90’s. You can feel a special power while using software that was not made to make someone rich. Some people think it’s being [...] Read more »

Libre Graphics Meeting for a better World

Comments (1) June 6, 2010, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Design, General news, Usability
This meeting was different. Developers making free graphics software as GIMP, Inkscape or Scribus are a special group of people that love what they do. They usually do it for free. Together with people from Adobe, Canon, Opera and W3C it was packed with ideas. Vitezslav Valka was in Brussels to find out what’s behind the long name Libre Graphics Meeting aka LGM: In short the event was a sum-up of what’s going to happen in future in design/webdesign standards. [...] Read more »

Pixmac is the fastest microstock agency!

Comments (2) May 20, 2010, Author: Martin Vlčko, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, Showcase, Usability
To quickly find the perfect photo in the photobank is one of the most important features our customers value and why they use Pixmac. A few weeks ago we launched the Visual similarity search tool which helps you quickly find the exact photo you are looking for. One factor that slows the searching process is the amount of time a page takes to load. This processing time can keep you at your computer for several minutes. Over the course of [...] Read more »

Pixmac reaches 7 million of stock photos in just a year!

Comments (1) September 23, 2009, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: Articles about Pixmac, Design, General news, Press releases, Showcase, Usability
The Pixmac microstock agency is proud to announce that we now offer 7 million stock photos for our customers. Only a few competitors can say the same. Our collection consists of 3 sources- two are creative and one editorial called “Celebrity”. Pixmac is the fastest way to get a stock photo or illustration for your design for a price that might surprise you. When the pink company launched its marketplace in September 2008 it might have seemed like just another [...] Read more »

One Stop Shopping at Pixmac

Comments (4) August 27, 2009, Author: Vitezslav Valka, Categories: General news, Tips & tricks, Usability
Many of you searching for photos were confused with credits, our virtual currency. Pixmac has solved that now for you. You don’t have to learn what credit is and you even don’t have to register at Pixmac if you need just one picture. Read more »

FTP changes

Comments (0) May 28, 2009, Author: michalprynych, Categories: Photographer, Tips & tricks, Usability
We will be making some changes soon that will affect you if want to you upload your pictures via FTP. These will come into effect on 2009-06-16. The changes to be made are: 1) You will no longer need the special FTP username. Please use the same nickname and password as you use to log onto the website. 2) There will be two directories on your FTP account. These will be ‘creative’, for creative pictures and ‘editorial’ for editorial pictures. [...] Read more »

Approval process clarification

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We were talking with Erik from Imagery Majestic this weekend about questions popping up in communities and forums about the approval process. And we want to be fair and clear about this. For clarification of the issue, read more below. Read more »