People behind Pixmac

We call our team Pixmac dream team! There are people with great skills and valuable experience in the field of their specialization. Consisting of different nationalities, genders and practice, we have the great opportunity to find a solution which can fit to most of you – our users.

To uncover some Pixmac secrets, we are a small team. Our office is situated in the heart of Europe – the city of Prague. A lot of us love traveling and are actually shooting photos of different nationalities and cultures. We love this colorful world and we want to show this in the Pixmac picture gallery.

People at Pixmac

Team that makes the difference

Pixmac Dream Team

Media & strategy

Vitezslav Valka
The boss & User Interface designer

Ondrej Raska
Technology geek


Michal Prynych
Backend guru

Martin Talavasek
Frontend guru

Lucie Navratilova
The best support

Martin Vlcko
Online marketing

Ondrej Valka
Design & code


Cathy Mason
United States

Kiran Birring
United Kingdom

Andrii Iurlov
Russia, Ukraine

Alfonso & Miguel

Merja Leppinen

Ania Menzel

Frenk Kaufmann

Daniel Wiedemann

Istvan Loerincz
Germany, Austria

Anders Peter Amsnæs

Jeremy Seo
South Korea

Gilles Terver
France, Morocco

Abdussadik Saidov


Modell & always sleepy dog

There are other people helping us with Pixmac. We would like to thank all of you who helped us make Pixmac a better tool. Even small feedback always has a big value for us. Thank you for that.

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